Regenerative Medicine Clinic in Bear, DE

Regenerative Medicine Clinic in Bear, DE

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Do you suffer from chronic pain, joint pain, or an autoimmune disease? Are you looking for a way to improve your quality of life without invasive surgery or harsh medications? If so, then you should consider visiting our regenerative medicine clinic in Bear, DE. Comprehensive Accident and Injury offers advanced regenerative medicine treatments that can help you heal from the inside out. We use allogenic cells to promote healing and regeneration in the body, and our treatments are safe and effective. Continue reading to learn more about our regenerative treatments.

What Is Regenerative Medicine, and How is it Applied in Medicine?

Regenerative medicine is a new and exciting field of medicine that may help patients regenerate damaged tissues, reduce inflammation, and help combat chronic conditions that were previously thought to be untreatable. Using allogenic cells, we are able to promote healing and regeneration in the body, which can help improve your quality of life.

Our regenerative medicine doctors in Bear, DE help patients address chronic conditions by applying regenerative medicine due to its unique ability to target and reduce inflammation. According to Harvard Health, inflammation is most likely the root cause of many health conditions that Americans face, including coronary artery disease, diabetes, cancer, and Alzheimer’s.

Another effective application for regenerative medicine concerns patients dealing with joint pains and arthritis. As we mentioned previously, allogenic cells possess the unique ability to target and potentially reduce inflammation, which also contributes to chronic pain and various forms of arthritis. If you’re dealing with arthritis in a specific area, don’t forget to check out our joint-specific pages. You can access these pages by referring to the anatomy chart below and tapping or clicking on the affected joint.

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    More On Allogenic Cells

    Allogenic cells have a wide variety of applications in medicine, and the benefits are far reaching. They are derived from healthy donors and are used to promote healing in the body. When these cells are injected into the body, they may help to repair and regenerate damaged tissue.

    Specifically, allogenic cell therapy may help with the following:

    • Relief from chronic pain
    • Improvement in joint function
    • Reduced inflammation
    • Boosted immunity
    • Enhanced healing
    • And more!
    Regenerative Medicine Clinic in Bear, DE
    CAIC - Regenerative Medicine at Glance

    Avoiding Surgery with Allogenic Cell Therapies

    This is perhaps the most beneficial aspect of cellular-based therapies. They provide an alternative to surgery, which is often invasive and comes with a long list of risks and side effects. Not to mention, surgery is often very expensive. With allogenic cell therapy, you can avoid the risks associated with surgery and improve your quality of life without breaking the bank.

    Additionally, the recovery time from a regenerative medicine application is a small fraction of what you can expect with traditional procedures. Most patients will deal with some slight swelling and bruising that lasts a few days – at the most.

    Then there is the recovery aspect to consider. Given that a regenerative procedure is minimally-invasive, your body is not being taxed from a recuperation standpoint. Rather, we’re introducing materials into the body that enhance your own recuperative capacities. Hence, patients achieve desired outcomes such as regeneration, pain reduction, and recovery much more quickly with allogenic cells.

    Scientific Studies Supporting the Use of Allogeneic Cell Therapy

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    The field of cellular-based therapies are emerging as a focal point for research, studies, and application. One of the most exciting aspects of this field is the body of evidence that already supports its application in a medical setting. Let’s briefly discuss the research:

    Allogeneic Cells for the Treatment of Knee Osteroarthritis
    This study evaluated 329 knee OA patients over a period of two years after receivng cell therapy in their knees. The entire group of patients reported significant reductions in knee pain, while also enjoying greater range of motion. Additionally, the cohort did not report any serious adverse events. Typically, we might observe slight bruising and swelling after the treatments but this subsides in a couple days or less.
    Cellular Therapy in Chron’s Patients
    This study aimed to investigate the safety and efficacy of using cellular therapy as a treatment for patients with Crohn’s disease, a type of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). A total of 48 patients with Crohn’s disease were enrolled in the study and received cellular-based therapy along with supporting medications. The outcomes measured included changes in clinical symptoms, quality of life, and inflammatory markers.

    The results showed that the treatment was safe and well-tolerated by the patients. Additionally, the group receiving MSCs showed a significant reduction in clinical symptoms, such as abdominal pain and upset stomach. Furthermore, there was an improvement in the quality of life and a decrease in inflammatory markers in the MSC group. It’s important to note that some patients did experience symptoms of Crohns thereafter that required medical intervention, but the majority of patients responded well to the treatment.

    Meta Analysis of Cellular-Based Therapy in Knee Patients
    This meta analysis reviewed 339 patients from baseline to 24 months after a cellular treatment and no adverse outcomes were reported throughout the entire cohort. The majority of patients reported a marked reduction in pain and inflammation.

    While many physicians and clinics are eager to promote invasive surgeries or medications that keep patients dependent upon the medical system, the professionals at Comprehensive Accident and Injury Center prefer to get you healthy – and on your way! The road to recovery doesn’t have to be uphill – and by leveraging the power of allogeneic cells, we’re able to get our patients back into ‘fighting shape’ in less time.

    Why Choose CAIC for Regenerative Medicine in Delaware?

    The team of health care professionals at Comprehensive Accident and Injury Center are devoted to providing a superior patient experience. When you visit our clinic in Delaware for regenerative medicine, you can expect the following:

    • A comprehensive evaluation
    • Tailored treatment protocols based on your individual circumstances
    • Virtually painless allogenic cell injections
    • A clear-cut path to recovery via treatments and physical therapy – if needed depending on your situation
    • Dedicated staff that is responsive to all of our patient’s needs, and knowledgeable enough to provide the right answers for you

    If you are suffering from any chronic conditions or joint pains, then we encourage you to visit our regenerative medicine clinic in Bear, DE. We offer safe and effective treatments that can help you improve your quality of life. Contact us today to schedule your consultation. The call is free – and our medical professionals are standing by to get you started on your path to better health. Call Comprehensive Accident and Injury Center today – where the road to recovery isn’t an uphill one.

    Comprehensive Accident and Injury Center offers stem cell therapy in Delaware. Our stem cell therapy clinic in Bear, DE is the leading provider of regenerative medicine and more.