As we continually make advances in the medical and chiropractic fields, new technology is constantly being developed to aid practitioners in alleviating your pain. For individuals of all ages, shapes, and sizes, this new and innovative technology can help specialists complete chiropractic adjustments with precision.

This tool is used to enhance your chiropractic treatment, and allows our experts to provide you with an unparalleled standard of care.

What Is An Arthrostim?

An Arthrostim is a handheld device that helps a chiropractor perform an adjustment to a target area. This device will deliver between 12 and 14 incremental thrusts and is comparatively stronger than a single adjustment made by a chiropractor. Additionally, this technology will deliver these thrusts per second, making it both quick and effective.

How It Works

The Arthrostim offers a quicker, more efficient way to administer a chiropractic adjustment. The technology behind the arthrostim impacts the body in much the same way as a normal chiropractic adjustment which uses precise movements to encourage a response from your neural receptors. Nerve pulses are produced from these receptors and are sent to the brain. The brain processes this information to assess the condition of the affected area, stimulating a healing response. The Arthrostim allows specialists to prompt this reaction with less force, making it a more comfortable and effective experience for you.

Our experts use the Arthrostim to ensure the effectiveness of your therapy while also minimizing the amount of force require to initiate a response from your brain. This allows our experts the ability to help many individuals of various conditions and injuries find sustainable relief for their pain. Especially when you have been in an accident, it is important to review all of your options before committing to a specific wellness plan as a condition can often be alleviated non-invasively with technology like the Arthostim.

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