Knee Gel Injections in Delaware

Knee Gel Injections in Delaware

Knee Gel Injections in Delaware: A Superior Solution for Knee Pain Relief

If you’ve ever suffered from chronic knee pain, you know how debilitating and difficult it can be to find a solution that offers lasting relief. Surgery is often seen as the only option, but this can be risky and expensive. Thankfully, there is now a superior alternative to invasive surgeries: knee gel injections. Injecting hyaluronic acid into the joint has been proven to provide pain relief while not risking the same level of invasiveness and cost as surgery. Let’s take a closer look at why knee gel injections are so beneficial for those suffering from chronic knee pain. As always, if you’re in pain, Comprehensive Accident and Injury Center is the one to turn to for knee gel injections in Delaware and a variety of other treatments to get you back to your normal life in a safe, and effective manner.

What Are Gel Shots for Knees?

Knee gel injections are used to treat knee osteoarthritis by injecting hyaluronic acid into the joint, which is a substance found in the joints naturally that acts as a lubricant and helps reduce inflammation. This injection helps reduce friction between bones, resulting in less pain and increased mobility. While it is usually recommended to try other treatments before turning to injections, they have shown great success in helping relieve arthritis-related joint pain and improving movement in the affected area.

A recent systematic review of 17 studies, including clinical trials and research studies, determined that hyaluronic acid injections are well-tolerated and consistently improve patient outcomes. Furthermore, the patients examined in the review reported, on average, a 55% decrease in their pain.

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    Benefits of Knee Gel Injections Over Traditional Options

    The main benefit of knee gel injections is that they offer an effective solution for those suffering from chronic knee pain without the risks associated with surgery or other more invasive treatments. They also require no downtime, meaning you can get back to your regular activities almost immediately after treatment; recovery time tends to only be about 24 hours! In addition, because these treatments are non-invasive and do not require general anesthesia as surgery does, they are much less costly than surgical procedures. Finally, since these injections use hyaluronic acid which is already present in our bodies naturally, they pose very little risk of side effects or allergic reactions.

    Knee gel injections in Delaware

    Knee Gel Injections For Bone On Bone Knees

    Knee gel injections have also proven successful in relieving ‘bone-on-bone’ knee conditions by reducing friction between bones due to increased joint lubrication caused by hyaluronic acid injections. This reduces inflammation and cartilage wear-and-tear while increasing mobility in the affected area—all without requiring any sort of invasive procedure or general anesthesia! Plus, recovery times tend to be much shorter than with traditional treatments such as surgery or physical therapy.

    Synvisc Knee Injections

    One of the hyaluronic acid injections that we commonly use for the knees are Synvisc injections. This is a sterile preparation of hyaluronic acid, which is natural to the body. These treatments only take a few minutes, and are virtually painless. After the initial swelling subsides, our patients experience a reduction in inflammation and the jarring sensation on their joints. Of course, it’s important to note that individual patient outcomes vary – and it often depends on the individual condition of each patient.

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    Knee gel injections offer an excellent solution for those suffering from chronic knee pain due to arthritis or bone on bone conditions without requiring any sort of risky or expensive surgery. They use natural substances already found in our bodies such as hyaluronic acid which act as lubricants for our joints and help reduce inflammation while providing quick relief with minimal downtime required for recovery—all at a fraction of the price of more invasive treatments! If you’re looking for an effective alternative solution that doesn’t come with all the risks associated with surgery or other invasive treatments then consider trying out knee gel injections today!