X Ray in Bear, DE

X Ray in Bear, DE

When you get hurt, one of the main diagnostic tests your doctor may recommend is an x-ray, and if you want to start on your treatment plan, you should get your x-ray as soon as possible. However, most people don’t get their diagnostic imaging done right away, because they have to go through the time-consuming process of booking and commuting to various imaging centers.
At Comprehensive Accident and Injury Center, we take care of this problem by providing you with easy access to multiple specialists and a medical imaging center all under one roof. Whether you need an x-ray to diagnose a bone fracture after suffering a slip and fall accident, or you need an x-ray to detect a sports injury, you can come into Comprehensive Accident and Injury Center to have it completed professionally and conveniently.

What is a Medical X-Ray?

Medical x-rays are a form of electromagnetic radiation that are passed through your body to generate images of your insides. The resulting image—called the radiograph—is black and white, but the different substances in your body have different densities and this results in different shades and intensities, making it easy for your doctor to understand what’s happening inside you. Your bones contain a lot of calcium and better absorb x-rays, producing a starker contrast on the resulting image. Your muscles and fat are not as radiologically dense and that is why they come up in shades of grey.
A medical X-ray in Bear, DE can make your doctor’s job much easier and provide the evidence they need to ascertain any doubts or concerns they may have regarding your health. Once they have the results of your x-ray, they can go forward with making an accurate diagnosis and putting you on a treatment plan that works.

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    When Should I Come in for a Diagnostic X-Ray?

    Do you feel like you fractured a bone while playing a sport? Are you experiencing strange symptoms that may imply you have cancer? Getting an x-ray can clear your doubts and give you the answers you’re looking for.
    X-ray radiography can be used to detect a wide range of medical conditions including:

    • Bone abnormalities or fractures
    • Pneumonia
    • Certain tumors
    • Foreign objects
    • Calcifications

    Other x-ray techniques such as mammography can be used on the breasts specifically to detect cancer and make an accurate diagnosis. Mammography can also be used to detect microcalcifications, or tiny bits of calcium which usually imply a specific type of cancer.
    X-rays can further be combined with computer processing for Computed Tomography (CT) to generate a series of cross-sectional images of your body and create a three-dimensional x-ray image. They can also be combined with a fluorescent screen so your doctor can view real-time movement within your body.

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    Visit Our Onsite Medical Imaging Center in Bear, DE

    X-rays can help you and your doctor get a better understanding of your health because they show what’s actually taking place inside your body. Visit our onsite medical imaging center today to get your x-rays done conveniently so you can get a proper diagnosis and get started on an effective treatment plan as soon as possible.