Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation Assistance in Bear, Newark, DE, and Surrounding Areas

There are all kinds of injuries you can sustain at work. This is especially true for those who work in construction, agriculture, or any job that involves dangerous technology and an abundance of manual labor. According to the National Safety Council, an employee will be injured on the job every 7 seconds. When you get hurt, it’s important to understand what to do in terms of treatment and workman’s comp.

The doctors at Comprehensive Accident and Injury Center are Certified Delaware Workman’s Compensation providers. This means we understand the guidelines and proper reporting procedures to employers and insurance companies. Ensuring you choose a clinic that is well versed in the regulations surrounding workers’ compensation is important. We can help you feel better and handle all the appropriate paperwork you need.

Workers’ Compensation Assistance in Bear, DE

When you’re injured at the workplace, you will likely have to take time off until you recover fully and are able to work again. During the time off, you may be eligible to receive workers compensation to help you financially for your missed wages during your recovery period. Though workers compensation is extremely helpful, you will only benefit from it if your paperwork and medical records are properly accounted for.

At the Comprehensive Accident and Injury Center, our medical team understands workers’ compensation guides and we carry out the correct form of reporting, so both the employer and insurance companies are aware of how the accident and injuries occurred. When your injuries and medical history are reported the right way, you will get access to your workers compensation without further complications arising.

Patient Care for Workers’ Compensation

Our top priority is patient health. Therefore, we use non-invasive treatments to help relieve your pain and get you back on your feet. It is important to seek care immediately after you get hurt, it is not only important to ensure you get early and accurate treatment, but is also important for proper documentation.

If you have been hurt on the job, our team is here to support you. We offer innovative treatments like chiropractic, hyperbaric therapy, cold laser, spinal decompression, electronic muscle stimulation, hot and cold packs, and arthrostim, concussion rehab, and physical rehabilitation depending on your injury. With our patient center, team approach to your recovery, we make sure that you see the best medical experts to handle your injury. Our practice complies with all required Delaware workers’ compensation laws, rules, and regulations to ensure our patients focus on healing, not stress. Additionally, we work with the top workman’s comp attorneys to ensure our clients are receiving the best legal care when necessary as well.

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    The Importance of Patient Education When Dealing with Workers’ Compensation Cases

    Injury prevention can help keep you healthy after treatment. At Comprehensive Accident and Injury Center, we believe in proper patient education. This is to help you understand how to better avoid a similar injury in the future. Our experts will cover topics such as:

    • How the injury occurred
    • Mechanics of the injury
    • Insight into the pain

    For example, often when an employee falls off of a ladder the primary focus of the patient and their healthcare provider will be the impact of the fall. However, the twisting of an ankle could be ignored depending on the level of pain sustained in the fall. These are both important factors when applying for workman’s comp and understanding how to prevent a future accident.

    Just like when facing any other personal injury, it’s integral for both the success of your health and your claim that you don’t delay getting medical treatment after suffering a work injury in Bear, DE. Any delay in receiving medical treatment can cause your injuries to aggravate and it may also decrease your chances of filing a successful claim. You should report the injury to both your employer and a medical professional as soon as possible after sustaining it.

    Workers’ Compensation

    At Comprehensive Accident and Injury Center, We Provide Total Patient Care

    We thoroughly evaluate all aspects of your injury to make sure that even secondary injuries from a work incident are managed, documents, and addressed appropriately. We guide our patients through the treatment and medical-legal process, so you can focus on recovery. If you have sustained a work injury, contact us today. Our elite team is here to support you with gentle, patient-tailored care in Bear, Newark, Christiana, Middletown, New Castle, Wilmington, and Delaware City, DE and its surrounding areas.