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TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) was diagnosed in approximately 288,000 hospitalizations in 2014.
The Road to Recovery
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The Road to Recovery Doesn’t Have to Be Uphill

Welcome to Comprehensive Accident and Injury Center

At Comprehensive Accident Injury Center, we treat various injuries that result from auto accidents, workplace accidents, and more. Some of the more common conditions included whiplash, herniated disc, concussions, and many soft tissue/ligament injuries. Accident and Injury cases are quite complex and it takes a complete understanding of the medical and legal aspects of an injury. This is why we take great pride in providing a comprehensive, multi-specialty, team approach to patient care that has helped thousands on their road to recovery from injuries.

Just Some of the Areas CAIC Specializes In:

  • check-mark-1Personal Injury
  • check-mark-1Worker’s Compensation
  • check-mark-1Concussions / Mild TBI
  • check-mark-1Slip and Falls


Comprehensive Accident and Injury Center

We can help you with the following

We are your first stop for all injury-related concerns. Our focus is on getting you seen by medical professionals as quickly and thoroughly as possible...nursing you back to health safely and effectively.

Auto Injury Care

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Workers Compensation

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Slip and Falls

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Concussion Care

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Sports Injuries

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Walk-in Clinic

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Pain Management

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Sports Physicals

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Neck Pain Treatment

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Regenerative Medicine

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Treatment Areas

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The CAIC Difference

Why Choose Us?

  • Patient-Centered

    While our team brings important experience and knowledge, we know that each patient is the expert in their own life.

  • Comprehensive

    We offer comprehensive health care focusing on the whole person, at all ages and stages of life.

  • Thorough Evaluations

    Most traditional medical doctors only go so far, we diagnose and treat the conditions that slip through the cracks.

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