Sports Physicals in Bear, DE

Sports Physicals

Physical Exams in Bear, DE

Coming in for regular medical examinations is essential to ensure your body remains in good health. Though you should be making annual trips to your doctor on your own, sometimes your school or workplace will also require you to come in and get a physical done as part of standard procedure and to determine if you’re physically fit enough to carry out the tasks you’re signing up for.

If you need a physical examination, you should come in and visit our team of medical professionals at Comprehensive Accident and Injury Center to receive your assessment as soon as possible. At our Center, our doctors will give you personal physical exams or exams based on the requirements of your coaches, educational institute, or workplace.

Sports Physicals

Sports can be dangerous, and one of the best ways to keep your body healthy and prevent injuries is to make sure you’re in good shape before stepping out onto the playing field. Sports injuries can change your life drastically— for the worst—and if your injuries go untreated and unnoticed, they will only aggravate as time passes.

Your school and your coaches have a responsibility to make sure they do everything they can to keep you safe and prevent you from getting injured when you play a sport. It’s for this reason that you’re often required to take a high school physical every year.

If you intend on joining a new sports team or you previously suffered a serious blow while playing any sport, you should come in for a thorough sports physical at Comprehensive Accident and Injury Center. Our team of medical experts will conduct baseline concussion screening alongside other detailed diagnostic tests to determine the state of your health, so you can feel confident and give it your all the next time you step out onto the field.

What Can I Expect During a Sports Physical?

When you come in for a sports physical, our qualified medical practitioners will review your medical history, conduct various tests, and diagnose any health conditions you may currently have.The physical tests will include checking your vision, flexibility, blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation, and height and weight. You may then be sent in for further bloodwork, urinalysis, and other diagnostic tests. The purpose of a sports physical is to gauge a better understanding of your current state of health so you—and your future coaches—gain awareness of your strengths and weaknesses; allowing you to safely play your chosen sport.

Your high school physical examination will consist of two main parts. Your doctor will first look at your medical history and they will then conduct the actual physical exam. The purpose of looking into your medical history and asking you personal questions regarding your health is so your doctors can gauge if you have any serious illnesses that runs in your family, or if you have allergies to elements and animals you may be exposed to in the middle of a game. Your school and coaches need to know if you are on any medications or if you have a history of passing out and suffering from dizziness during exercise so they can be prepared if anything goes wrong while you’re out on the field.

A sports physical carried out by one of our doctors can provide you with the following benefits:

  • Address any potential injuries and illnesses you may already have
  • Prevent future injuries by helping you understanding your body better
  • Reveal medical conditions that run in the family and help you take preventive action (eg. if asthma runs in the family, you will be advised to carry an inhaler in case an unexpected asthma attack occurs)
  • Provide an update on previous injuries such as sprains and strains
  • Give you custom advice on how to prevent general sports injuries

What are the Most Common Sports Injuries?

When you play any sport, nearly all the muscles in your body are put to use and stretched. The strenuous effort involved in running, jumping, throwing, and sliding can stretch your ligaments a little too much, leading to some serious muscle damage and tears.

The most common sports injuries include:

  • Ankle sprains
  • Tennis elbow (epicondylitis)
  • Hamstring strains
  • Knee injuries

If you play a contact sport, you can add concussions to this list. Suffering a significant blow to your head can lead to a concussion and you should come in for a medical checkup as soon as you’re injured to prevent your head injuries from getting worse.

Since concussions are difficult to diagnose and treat, it helps if you come in for baseline concussion screening at the start of the sports season—before you even suffer a concussion.

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    What is Baseline Concussion Screening?

    Baseline concussion screening consists of a variety of tests—both physical and cognitive—that measure how well your brain functions. This test is done at the beginning of the sports season when you’re still in good health so your doctor can get an idea of how your body functions when everything is normal.

    Your doctor will keep the results on hand, and if you suffer a blow to your head, they will give you another checkup and use the initial baseline results as a comparison to see if you’re ready to return to the game or not.

    Sports Physicals in Bear, DE

    Who Should Consider Baseline Concussion Screening?

    If you’re over the age of 10, and you play high contact sports, you should consider annual baseline concussion testing.

    What most people don’t understand about concussions is that even if your symptoms seem to go away, this is not a clear indication your brain has recovered. Unhealed concussions are dangerous because any other blow before you’re fully recovered can result in permanent brain damage, and in extreme cases, it may even lead to death.

    When it comes to concussions and head injuries, you should always play it safe and come into Comprehensive Accident and Injury Center for an initial baseline screening, as well as a thorough checkup after suffering the head injury.

    Physicals for Work in Bear, DE

    It’s not just your school and coaches that need to remain up to date with your health conditions. In some cases, you may be required to obtain work physicals as well. The purpose of you obtaining a work physical is the same as you receiving a school and sports physical exam. You are often required to take such a medical exam so your employer can ensure you remain safe and healthy while you’re on the job.

    Most jobs that require this medical exam are physically demanding and require you to maintain good health to avoid getting into risky situations. Work physicals may be required if you’re taking on a job to become a police officer or firefighter because of how much strenuous work you may be subjected to. They may also be required if you intend on becoming a truck driver because truck drivers are expected to drive and remain alert for long periods of time.

    If you need a physical exam for work, you should visit Comprehensive Accident and Injury Center to speak with our medical staff and get started on your assessment as soon as possible.

    No Lines, No Waiting Time—Walk in Today

    Sometimes you need to get your physical exam done quickly and you shouldn’t have to drive around and wait in long lines while looking for an accurate diagnosis and proper medical care. You also shouldn’t have to worry about paying for the injuries completely on your own.

    At our accident and injury center, you don’t have to worry about paying for your medical bills because we accept most major forms of medical insurance. Our priority is to give you the high-quality medical care you deserve while keeping your convenience in mind.

    You don’t have to book an appointment with us or wait long hours for your turn to speak with our team of doctors. You simply walk in, and we’ll refer you to our onsite experts so you can receive your detailed medical checkup and start getting the treatment you need to recover. Contact us today to receive your sports physical and baseline concussion screening so you can continue playing the sports you love while prioritizing your health and safety.