Back, Neck, and Disc Injury Treatment in Bear, DE

Back, Neck, and Disc Injury Treatment in Bear, DE

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Back and neck injuries should be taken very seriously. Your central nervous system is intricately woven into your neck and back and an injury can cause serious impairments if left unattended. Your spine is a very complex structure, composed of muscle, nerves, cartilage, and interconnected vertebrae. Even a slight misalignment can cause a cascade of negative effects.

The National Institute of Health highlights this 2017 study, wherein the prevalence of chronic low back pain in US adults aged 20–69 years old was measured to be 13.1% or roughly 45 million Americans. The professionals at Comprehensive Accident and Injury Center have years of experience accurately diagnosing back and neck injuries and providing diagnosis, therapy, and follow-ups. Our mission is to provide our patients with the highest standard of care and to restore their quality of life.

Leading Causes of Back, Neck, and Disc Injuries

Your entire posterior chain is interconnected, so a back or neck injury can have widespread pain and symptoms. Some common causes of injury could be pulled or strained muscles or bruising from blunt force. These can usually be taken care of with simple, over-the-counter medication and ample rest. Below is a list of conditions that require medical correction as they are signs of poor spinal health or cellular degeneration.

    • SI Joint: The Sacroiliac joint is the location where the spine joins to the hips.
    • Facet Joint: these are small, auxiliary joints that connect outside of the larger vertebrae, responsible for maintaining the correct posture of the spine. As joint health declines, they can make bone on bone contact as well as pinch nearby nerves.
    • Bulging/Herniated Disc: located between the vertebrae in the spine, they act as a cushion between the bones in the spine. Poor joint health can cause them to become inflamed and protrude from the cavity, pinching nearby nerves and causing significant pain
      Anyone who is suffering from these conditions should opt for back, neck, and disc injury treatments in Bear, DE so they can start enjoying a pain-free life again.

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    Treatment Options for Back and Neck Injuries

    Injuries that occur in the neck or back need to be cared for promptly and in a comprehensive manner. Injuries that cause a misalignment in the back can not only cause lasting damage but can create the conditions that cause the joints in the back and neck to degenerate over time. Essentially, what might be a small injury today, could become a chronic injury in a few months. Operating on the back and neck can be extremely risky as the area is packed with sensitive nerves and tissues. Our medical experts at Comprehensive Accident and Injury Center help you avoid unnecessary back and neck surgery by providing non-invasive methods for healing.

    • Cold laser therapy: Cold laser therapy is a revolutionary alternative therapy that works through utilizing low levels of light to start healing your back and neck pain. The cold light is focused on the area that is in pain and as your body absorbs the light, regeneration and healing begins in the affected tissues.
    • Chiropractic therapy: One of the best alternative and non-invasive options that help you recover from neck and back pain is chiropractic therapy. Our medical professionals are properly trained and they will carry out the necessary adjustments to bring proper alignment to your body and reduce the pain you have been feeling for so long.

    Get Relief From Your Neck and Back Injuries

    Neck and back pain can be debilitating, but the good news is expensive surgeries and hefty medications are not your only option for finding relief. At Comprehensive Accident and Injury Center, we provide back, neck, and disc injury treatments in Bear, DE that are non-invasive and that work to strengthen your body so you can fight the pain and inflammation without becoming dependent on external sources.

    Call us today to learn more about our alternative therapies and to get a thorough medical assessment so we can determine and target the root cause of your neck and back pain.