Concussion Rehabilitation

Concussion Rehabilitation

Concussion Rehabilitation

Concussion Rehabilitation
Concussion Rehabilitation
Concussion Rehabilitation

Concussions are one of the most common complaints with an auto injury is a concussion. This is a serious condition that requires immediate medical attention from professionals who are able to assess your situation and provide you with the right tools and treatment for your injury. The most delicate and important stage of a concussion is naturally the moments right after the injury.

This can last several days depending on the severity of the trauma involved. It’s best to rest and recover for the first few days in order to prevent any complications. Avoid doing any strenuous physical activity and get as much sleep as possible. Of course, this should be done alongside a visit to the doctor as early as possible to receive an assessment of your injury.

Why Seeking Immediate Medical Care Is Important For a Concussion

Concussions are caused when there is excessive trauma to the brain and head. This kind of condition can result in blurred vision, trouble balancing, memory loss, difficulty concentrating, and moderate to severe headaches. Typically, the first few days after developing a concussion are the most sensitive, which is why it is important to seek immediate care.

Often, general medical practitioners will send concussion patients home, without an exam, with instructions to rest. However, this does little to correct the damage sustained from trauma. It is important to visit a trained professional in order to ensure you or your loved ones are receiving quality care for a concussion.


Vestibular Rehabilitation for Concussions

When dealing with a concussion, it is important for our medical practitioners to see you as soon as possible. Early testing for a concussion, such as FDA approved BrainScope, can help aid in your recovery. Comprehensive Accident and Injury Center is a MAC Concussion Center, meaning we are clinically recognized concussion experts. We use gentle and non-invasive techniques to heal your condition and relieve your symptoms. One technique we use is vestibular rehabilitation, which can help to rebuild your balance and alleviate dizziness after a concussion. Vestibular rehabilitation uses precise exercises to improve your gait, balance, and vision.

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    How we can help you?

    Concussion Rehabilitation Program in Bear, DE

    If you received a blow to the head while playing a sport or after facing an accident, you may be suffering from a concussion.

    Common symptoms of concussions include:

    ● Headaches
    ● Dizziness
    ● Memory loss
    ● Feeling sick, stunned, or dazed
    ● Carrying out unusual behavior
    ● Changes in vision
    ● Loss of consciousness

    If you’re suffering from any of the above symptoms, you need to seek treatment and rehabilitation for concussions as soon as possible to prevent your health from taking a nosedive for the worst.

    It’s essential for you to get an adequate amount of rest after suffering from a concussion. However, rest isn’t the only ingredient needed in your formula for recovery. Receiving early medical intervention can help you recover quickly and can also prevent long-term side effects from arising.

    At the Comprehensive Accident and Injury Center, our concussion rehabilitation program is catered to your specific and personal needs. Through the use of vestibular therapy and vision therapy we help you control your symptoms and through diet and nutrition advice alongside exercise therapy we help you build yourself back up again. Living with a concussion can make life very difficult, but with the right medical intervention you can get on the road to recovery right away.

    We Provide Patient-Tailored Personal Injury Care.

    At Comprehensive Accident and Injury Center, we understand how a personal injury like a concussion can impact your day-to-day. By choosing us for your medical care, you can rest assured knowing we work with the leading personal injury attorneys in the area to work out the specifics of your case.

    We believe in treating the whole individual, not just an isolated set of symptoms or an injury. If you’re looking for patient-centered care and quality treatments, we can help. With legal and medical services, our team can ensure that you focus on healing. Contact us today to learn more about our services.