Treating Facet Arthropathy in Delaware

Treating Facet Arthropathy in Delaware at Comprehensive Accident and Injury Center

Facet arthropathy is a common issue for many people in the United States. It is an inflammation of the facet joints located between vertebrae in the spine. It can cause chronic pain and discomfort, as well as difficulty with movement. Fortunately, there are treatments available that can help alleviate symptoms and reduce pain. At Comprehensive Accident Injury Center in Bear, DE, we specialize in treating facet arthropathy using various methods including regenerative medicine, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and cold laser therapy. Let’s take a closer look at these options!

Regenerative Medicine for Facet Arthropathy

At Comprehensive Accident Injury Center, we use regenerative medicine to treat facet arthropathy. This involves utilizing allogeneic cells to help the body repair itself naturally by stimulating tissue regeneration. These cells can be injected directly into the affected area or used intravenously to promote healing throughout the body. This treatment has been shown to reduce inflammation, which can help decrease pain levels and improve mobility.

Additionally, studies are showing that regenerative medicine is very promising when it comes to promoting healing in cartilage – tissues that tend to wear over time. The degeneration of these tissues, combined with the resulting inflammation is most likely the cause of your facet arthropathy. Hence, this option helps us to target the root of the issue and promote healing.

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    Physical Therapy

    In the context of facet arthropathy, it’s important to highlight and correct faulty movement patterns or postural disorders that may have caused or aggravated your condition. When evaluating our patient’s condition, we consider lifestyle factors or even a patient’s work environment to identify behaviors that might be a contributing factor to your facet arthropathy. Then, through physical therapy and modifications, we attempt to strengthen and re-learn movements in order to keep our patients strong and healthy.

    Physical therapy is an important part of any facet arthropathy treatment plan. Our physical therapists specialize in creating custom plans tailored to each patient’s individual needs. These plans may involve stretching exercises, strengthening exercises, massage techniques, heat/cold therapies, ultrasound treatments, and more! Physical therapists work closely with patients to ensure they understand how to properly perform each exercise for maximum results.

    Treating Facet Arthropathy in Delaware

    Occupational Therapy

    Occupational therapy is also an effective way to treat facet arthropathy. Occupational therapists can teach you ways to modify your daily activities so that you do not experience further flare-ups of your condition or increased levels of pain due to overexertion or incorrect posture when completing certain tasks. During occupational therapy sessions at Comprehensive Accident Injury Center in Bear DE., our trained professionals will evaluate how you complete everyday tasks such as cleaning your house or sitting at a desk all day long—and then provide suggestions on how you can modify those activities so that they don’t aggravate your condition any further.

    Cold Laser Therapy

    Cold laser therapy is another tool we use to treat facet arthropathy here at Comprehensive Accident Injury Center in Bear DE. This form of treatment utilizes low-level lasers that emit light onto specific areas of the body without causing any burning or heating sensations—thus providing relief from pain without any additional discomfort or side effects associated with more traditional forms of medical treatments such as surgery or medications. Additionally cold laser treatment helps stimulate cell metabolism and regeneration which can lead to improved outcomes over time!

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    At Comprehensive Accident Injury Center in Bear DE., we specialize in treating facet arthropathy using a variety of methods. Our highly skilled team works closely with each patient individually so that we are able to develop a personalized treatment plan best suited to their needs! If you’re suffering from facet arthropathy don’t wait any longer – contact us today and let us begin helping you live a life free from pain!