Spinal Injuries: Long-Term Effects of Car Accidents

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The diagnosis and management of spinal injuries due to a motor vehicle accident an important part of clinical practice for many providers. The clinical correlation of causally related injuries helps providers to understand how to triage and treat the injured patient, however, the long-term consequences of these injuries are often misunderstood and overlooked. 

In a recent study by Nolet et al, 2018, the authors reported, “This population-based cohort study investigated the association between a lifetime history of a low back injury in a motor vehicle collision (MVC) and future troublesome low back pain. Participants with a history of a low back injury in a motor vehicle collision who had recovered (no or mild low back pain) were compared to those without a history of injury.” [Page 136]

They continue by reporting, “LBP is common after a motor vehicle collision (MVC). In patients reporting to emergency departments after an MVC, 37% reported moderate to severe low back pain 6 weeks later. In a population-based cohort of Saskatchewan residents who reported being injured in a traffic accident, where they were treated or filed an auto insurance claim within 30 days, 60.4% reported LBP. [Page 137]

The authors stressed the importance of this study by showing, “Our survey was the first North American cohort study from the general population to prospectively investigate the association between a self-reported low back injury in an MVC (in those who had recovered to have no or mild low back pain) and the development of future troublesome LBP. Our results suggest that the incidence of troublesome LBP is higher in individuals who have had a past low back injury in an MVC compared to those who have not had a low back injury in an MVC.” [Page 140]

Understanding both the short- and long-term consequences of injuries due to a motor vehicle accident is critically important since these injuries can last much longer than previously thought.

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